About Us

Company Overview

Tirwane Investments Pty Ltd trading as TI Technology was founded in April 2015 by owner and director Lucas Sechube and officially registered in February 2019 with CIPC. TI Technology is a distribution and installation services company specializing in fibre optic network solutions and Opto-Electrical engineering.

Our company is BBBEE level 1 with dual operations in Arcadia, Pretoria and Tafelkop, Limpopo with a very good record and is one of the trusted companies in optoelectrical engineering and Optic fibre infrastructure.

TI Technology provides a comprehensive product range that is suitable for fibre optic networks in the Telecommunications, IT, Security and Industrial markets. We supply a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art Fibre optic products catering for: Central Office, Feeder and Distribution, Drop Fibre as well Fibre Accessories for FTTH, FTTX, FTTB, FTTS.

We have capacity, sufficient resources and advanced equipment to support medium and big projects.

Our company is comprises of four departments:

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Technical Maintenance

We have a commitment to excellence, proving premium service and being compliant industry laws and regulations. All our technicians have been successfully assessed by Telkom to provide services for FTTH, FTTX, FTTB, FTTS.

Our Vision

To be the backbone for telecommunication companies by providing state-of-the-art and advanced equipment supply, technical support and advanced skills in technology infrastructure. We believe that our company will help our country to combat unemployment by transferring scare skills of technology to empower all young South Africans to be independent.

Our Mission

Our Company mission is to provide the best state-of-the-art, advanced and quality equipment at competitive prices/rates to our customers.

Our Values

We value ethics, compliance and quality control.

All our technicians are qualified to be on site and run various projects including fiber to home and infrastructure. Our safety file is up to date and safety measures are verified frequently to ensure compliance with South African Safety Acts. We are committed to complying with regulatory requirements and to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, those involved in our operations, customers, and the public.

Our technicians carry their duties with integrity, care, accountability and responsibility as set out in our code of conduct.

Our products and services are tested and inspected before we hand over to customers to ensure we deliver the best quality and standard.

Management and Staff Background

Tirwane Lucas Sechube


Lucas was born in Limpopo in a small rural township called tafelkop. He studied Bcompt degree in Financial Accounting and later pursued a career in telecommunications. He has identified a shortage of the skill in South Africa from 2015 and went to China to seek knowledge and training 2019 and early 2020.

Optoelectrical is a very rare skill in South Africa that and our director has received training from one of the biggest manufactures of fiber optic equipment in China.

Our company director has knowledge and experience in project management, Project Audit, Quality Control and experience in testing and splicing. He has worked with companies including M Telecoms, Ramsmith, Betty’s Networks and Globaltel.


  • Founder and Director
  • Project manager
  • Optoelectrical Specialist
  • Compliance manager